Welcome Music Lovers!

iPod Person

‘Sup people. I first want to thank anyone taking the time to read this and any future posts. Your interest and feedback provides validation for my desire to spread the joys of music in any way I can.

If you’re not aware of my previous blogging escapades, it was essentially a failure because posts were sporadic and unfocused. I am hoping that with a focus on music, I will be able to be dedicated to publishing a consistent breadth of content.

And there’s no reason music shouldn’t motivate me. It’s a truly emotional medium, it can bring people together in under five minutes, and  it provides a great opportunity to let loose/blow off steam/go bat-shit crazy. Jamming out is the best.

Cudi Jammin'

Recently, I have done my best to gain more exposure to the music industry by getting involved with WUD Music, and EMMIE magazine. I’ll be talking about those more in the future. My dream career would place me in the music industry, and hopefully this initial involvement puts me on the right track to where I want to be. A personal music blog just seems like the next natural step.

Future posts will include but won’t be limited to: album and show reviews, obligatory Throwback Thursdays, and plenty of Top 5s in no particular order. I saw The Orwells on the Terrace last night and (barring a sold out show) will be seeing Lamb of God at the Orpheum tonight, so those reviews will be up soon!

I’m starting to get really excited about this blog and future posts as I see how it’s coming together and how it’s going to look. But what really matters is how it’s going to sound. Can’t wait to flesh this out. Here’s to music!


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