Concert Recaps

Concert Recap: Lamb of God @ The Orpheum in Madison

Mosh Wristband

On Friday afternoon, I worked out. On Friday night, I went to see Lamb of God, and I got a harder workout. My metal bro James Killian and I knew what we were getting into when we went, but it was still ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome.

There were about seven to 10 rows of people packed towards the front watching the performance, and then a giant area behind that where the mosh pit was formed. Running in and cycling though in a circular pattern to be tossed around like a rag doll was hectic to say the least, and amazingly an exercise in trust as well. If you fall in a mosh pit, you have to get up quick or you have a good chance of getting trampled. The best part about the knowledge of this fact is that while all these metalheads are there to FSU and mosh like a boss, they’re also veterans at it, and are ready to lift up anyone that slips and needs a hand. Lead singer Randy Blythe’s recent history was definitely a major influence in the state of community at the concert, and for this I am grateful. I may not have made it out safely otherwise.

Although I can say I survived a Lamb of God mosh pit, I have to admit that the experience was completely exhausting. The constant headbanging and shoving  for elbow room with people led to constant stress on my body, and I think I am just recovering now from the soreness I had afterwards, but it was all worth it. Although I only knew a couple of the metal group’s songs, I was able to jam out to all of their blazing riffs and intense vocals. I will be making sure to delve into their content soon enough. I know Metal isn’t for everyone, but if you have any interest in distorted guitars, crazy drums, and a little bit of goofiness, the videos below may pique your interest.


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