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Concert Recap: The Orwells @ Memorial Union Terrace

Concert Headbang

‘Twas a good weekend for live music.

For starters, live music is great in itself. It gives the audience a chance to connect with the artists on a whole ‘nother level, but at live shows, nothing else matters. You don’t have to worry about anything else, because for the next couple of hours, you live in a moment that you will never have the opportunity to experience the same way again. It may sound grandiose, but I have significant memories from every concert I have been to. Maybe that means I haven’t been to enough concerts yet, but I still believe that every concert is unique, and the experience of a concert is one of the best things out there.

I was fortunate to add some more files to my memory bank of concerts this weekend, beginning with The Orwells at the Memorial Union Terrace Thursday night. I found out about these guys through WUD Music, and the fact that they’re touring at their age (#17) shows great promise for them as a punk band. Although they didn’t exactly dress the part like they did in the video below, their music sounds great and carries the energy necessary to gain a following in the punk genre. If I was able to headbang and play the air bass by myself at a sparsely-crowded venue, I can only imagine what the feel of their show could be in a packed house.

As previously stated, the music sounded great, (for both The Orwells and the other opener I saw, Twin Peaks) not just because of their skills in composition and performance, but because of the venue’s acoustics as well. The Terrace is pretty much wide open, but it works out. I’d also like to note that The Orwells’ singer was quite the performer, often walking around with his eyes rolled back into his head, blonde hair in his face and complexion beat red.

Crazy Orwells singer is crazy.
Crazy Orwells singer is crazy.

Great music, great (albeit short) performance, and it was free. This show definitely makes me excited for the rest of the shows on the Terrace this summer.

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