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Album Review: Man of Steel Soundtrack


Through all of the craziness that was my birthday weekend, I actually did have a lot of downtime, and I spent some of it just lying down and listening to my man Hans Zimmer’s latest work, the orchestral score for the new film Man of Steel. Zimmer’s work ranges from Inception to The Simpson’s Movie, and from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to The Dark Knight trilogy. There is no doubt this man has a breadth of experience setting the tone for films, especially in superhero/action films that rely on that a lot more than many realize. When I listen to The Dark Knight Soundtrack, I can imagine the scenes as they play out, and it is such a cool feeling to be able to envision a movie based on the emotion coming from a musical piece.

Although I have yet to see Man of Steel, Hans Zimmer does a great job of pulling the audience into the experience of the film, allowing many to create scenes for themselves just by listening to its backing tracks. Urgency is built by crashing percussion and swelling horns on multiple tracks. Zimmer’s use of fast string pieces also help develop epicness and pace, and is a personal favorite  of  mine when it comes to consistencies throughout his body of work. I also enjoyed the appropriately rationed inclusion of a vocal chorus, which I am sure was used in scenes to play up the godliness of Superman and the Kryptonians as a race.

Oh, and the piano for soft intros is a nice touch too.

All in all, it may take a few listens for anyone to differentiate one song from another, but this should definitely become a staple in anyone’s relaxation or study playlist. It gets more intense than some may like for those types of playlists, but hey: maybe it will get you to read/study/work faster. This is definitely a soundtrack fit for Superman, with many moments where you can just feel the epicness and get shivers.

I don’t think I have to give an arbitrary score for you all to tell whether I enjoyed the album or not, but I am willing to establish a rating system if popular demand exists. Regardless of my rating for the Man of Steel soundtrack, what really matters if it tops John WIlliams’s original Superman theme.

Williams’s piece definitely comes off as more classically heroic and almost more American/Nationalistic, especially because of how clean the horns sound. Although this is a different sound from a different time, it will remain a classic in film music. How do you think the two compare? Let me know in the comments below, or on the Facebook post where I shared this!

Until next time, stay super my friends.

2 replies on “Album Review: Man of Steel Soundtrack”

you should do a rating of like 1-10 beards or something mackens-y. also when are we getting a comprehensive analysis of yeezus

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