Song Spotlight Wild Card

Wild Card Wednesday: “Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)” by Aerosmith

The Single's Artwork
The Single’s Artwork

My idea with this post is to each week share a song–whether it was a single, one-hit-wonder, or b-side afterthought–that is in my opinion good and definitely not listened to as much as it should be. Through following these (hopefully) shorter posts, you may be exposed to a popular band’s deeper cuts, or discover a new artist entirely!

Everyone knows Aerosmith. Even if you’ve never listened to their album Toys in the Attic or seen the film Armageddon, you have almost certainly heard the Run DMC remix of their Toys single “Walk this Way” or have heard the hit “I Don’t wanna Miss a Thing” that was spawned by the Armageddon soundtrack. Aerosmith is a band whose best and most consistent, hard-rocking work came in their early years, making fewer and fewer smash-hits as the group got older. Nevertheless, the band continued to exhibit its music-writing prowess through the 90s. “Falling in Love” was the first major single off their 1997 album Nine Lives, and although it is buried on the list of top-Aerosmith songs, it still managed to achieve Billboard success.

A catchy, single-esque chorus, a nice horns arrangement, and a decent guitar solo by Joe Perry’s standards make this song easily likeable and fun to jam out too. I find myself switching to this song in the weight room surprisingly often! It doesn’t have a Steven Tyler vocal solo like in “Dude Looks Like a Lady”, but if you’re a fan of hard rock and respect the greats like Aerosmith, I feel this is a song that you could get into.

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