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Concert Recap: Souls of Mischief at the Madison Majestic Theater

Although it’s been nearly a week since I went to the Souls of Mischief’s first date on their ’93 ’til Infinity Tour, the coolness of Hip-Hop as a culture and a realization about Hip-Hop concerts in general are both still fresh in my head.

The tour celebrates the 20-year anniversary of Souls of Mischief’s debut album, ’93 ’til Infinity. The show was advertised as the group performing the album in its entirety with a live band, but the album was not performed in its exact track order and there was no live band, so those aspects were disappointing to me.

That being said, the overall feel of the concert still put out good vibes. The opening DJ (DJ Lex) and SoM’s DJ both worked the turntables and laptop like pros, getting me to bob and weave to the majority of songs. There were A LOT of openers for this show, and seeing all these performers I had never heard of just gave me more inspiration to get in the rap game myself. I was literally forming lyrics in my head mid-show. Part of the inspiration came from the crowd as well, who embodied the participatory nature of Hip-Hop when the floor was opened up during a DJ set for two crowd members to breakdance and blow the rest of us away.

As for opener specifics, Sincere Life impressed me the most with his style and the ferocity in the delivery of his lines. You could tell the emotion was there. Another shoutout goes to Michael Medall (an apparent Madison native) and Mr. Get Your Buzz Up for creating an energizing show leading up to the touring acts. It definitely helped that I got a free t-shirt and CD during that performance.

Speaking of touring acts, I almost forgot about Kev Choice, the musician/rapper that performed before Souls of Mischief. Basically, his classical piano skills and keytar solo made up for any faults in overall performance (i.e. distracting wardrobe malfunction involving the fly of his leather pants {smh})

Once Souls of Mischief took the stage, the crowd definitely became larger and more dense, but I didn’t feel like the show got much crazier for me. The beats and flows were still good, but because I barely knew any of the group’s songs/lyrics, I simply continued to groove to the music. It’s not like a Lamb of God show where you can headbang and mosh no matter what’s playing. When you know the words at a Hip-Hop show, your enjoyment increases exponentially, and that is a guarantee.

Overall I am still glad I went to the show, even if it was mostly for increased exposure to the Hip-Hop culture. I still highly recommend checking out Souls of Mischief and their ’93 til Infinity album in its entirety below. Old school rap is the best.

Chillin’ from ’93 til…


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