Song Spotlight Wild Card

Wild Card Wednesday: “Sports” by Lil Dicky

If you haven’t heard of the Philadelphia-born, San Franciso-based rapper Lil Dicky yet, you are at the least missing out on his humor, and at the most missing out on one of my favorite mixtapes/albums of the year. His lyrics are hilariously relatable (“Attached at the Hip” might be the best inner monologue ever) and his flows are flat-out astounding. I’m listening to some of them and I’m just like, “Damn, that Jew can rap”.

Above I present to you the latest edition of Lil Dicky’s Hump Days music video series: “Sports”. The creativity begins with the use of the beat from the classic jock jam “Whoomp! There It Is” by Tag Team. Combine such a great first step with a plethora of rhymed sports references, and you’ve got a hot pick for Jock Jams of the 2010s. The video itself is simple, but it definitely helps you catch every metaphor made. And as a plus, Dicky busts out the dance moves.

I’ve been REALLY big on Lil Dicky lately, so this is bit of a feature as well. For starters, his music is free (for now), so there’s no reason you can’t get his music. On top of that and his obvious rapping skill, his inspiration to make music that people can relate to is wonderfully genuine. Dude’s down to Earth like no other.

I should probably stop this before I start developing a man-crush. Check out the vids going viral on his YouTube channel and all of the music on his Soundcloud below. My personal favorites include “White Dude”, “Staying In”, “Sky Hooks”, “Attached at the Hip”, and “Lion King”. Peace.

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