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Wild Card Wednesday: “Want” by Lighouts

Found this gem of a song, album, and band from a Spotify ad. Lightouts knows what they’re doing. Not only with their marketing efforts, but with their music as well. Their frontman to me sounds like a mix between Bono and Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand, but regardless of who he sounds like, he’s definitely worth singing along with. This live recording is also extremely clean, which is another reason to share it and the benefits of rock shows. The band is based in New York and is still on the extreme down-low, but that’s all the better reason to get into them now! I’m not guaranteeing they’re going to blow up or anything like that, but if they started touring nationally, it would be worth the inexpensive ticket price. Hope you all enjoy!


2 replies on “Wild Card Wednesday: “Want” by Lighouts”

Thanks Gavin! Funny how paths cross. (I’m the guy from Madison, WI who was looking to book Lightouts if they tour!)

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