Song Spotlight Wild Card

Wild Card Wednesday: “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton

With 2002 as the year requested, I could not help but get sucked in by this song and feature it. It’s just too damn good. I know the stigma is that this is a total chick-flick song, but come on. Even Terry Crews rocks it.

Terry Crews A Thousand Miles

In all seriousness, the scaling piano riff is unforgettable, the swelling strings section makes it EPIC A.F., and Carlton’s vocals are great to sing along to (even if you only scream “makin’ my way downtown” and then mumble the rest of the words until the chorus). In addition, note the three most hilarious parts of her music video: the sweatbands on her wrists for increased piano-playing power, the obvious green screen behind her, and the owl just chillin’ on her piano mid-video.

This was Vanessa Carlton’s first single (from her debut album). It’s safe to say that she peaked early. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. The music world needs its one-hit wonders.


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