Song Spotlight Wild Card

Wild Card Wednesday: “No Interruption (Acoustic)” by Hoodie Allen

If there’s two things Hoodie should be known for, it’s the connections he makes with his fans and the sheer amount of work he is doing at all times. There is no breaks for this guy. In 2013 alone, he is expected to have released three separate projects: His latest mixtape Crew Cuts, an acoustic EP named Americoustic (which the above song will be on) and an official full length album. In addition, he will be going on his sixth tour in two years this fall. One word: Insane.

I highly recommend seeing him if you can get to a place where he’s stopping on the tour. Closest place for us Wisconsinites would be Chicago. I saw him at Revelry in Madison last May, and I have to say it was the best hip-hop show I’ve ever been to.  I saw Macklemore and Ryan Lewis last fall too, so that’s saying something.

I haven’t listened to Hoodie in a while, but this iteration of the hit that put him on the map has got me reeled in again.  I really like the clean electric guitar that replaces the sample of the girl singing, the acoustic guitar sounds great as always, and I continue to be impressed by Hoodie’s vocals. I’m not sure if he’s had singing lessons or if he’s just that naturally talented.

Again, major props to Hoodie for what he’s doing in the industry right now, getting a steady stream of content to his fans in any way he can. Now if you’ll excuse me, I going to brainstorm what other songs he has in store on Americoustic. Should be dope.

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