Song Spotlight Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: “Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch” by “Weird Al” Yankovic

1985 was requested as the year I throw back to, and at a glance, I honestly didn’t find it to be a great year for music. I almost picked a cover by David Hasselhoff, but then I decided to pick an artist who is intentionally funny instead of pathetically funny.

“Weird Al” Yankovic’s Poodle Hat album was the first CD I ever owned (Shout out to Rob Klasen for showing it to me) and I’ve had a soft spot for the comedic musician ever since. His work has definitely matured and gotten better over the years, but you can still appreciate  his earlier material.

“Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch” is from his third studio album Dare to be Stupid, and parodies Cyndi Lauper’s pop hit “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”. The song musically is just as fun, and his simple tongue-in-cheek lyrics add the extra spice you would expect from a “Weird Al” song.

If you want to listen to more “Weird Al”, I recommend his most recent albums, as the songs he parodies have more relevance for our generation. I have his last three albums, so if you hit me up I can share the music with you. Until then, enjoy “Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch”.

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