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Wild Card Wednesday: “Gorilla” by Bruno Mars

I never thought I’d be sharing a Bruno Mars song on here, but after seeing his recent VMA performance of the new single, I have finally warmed up to his music.

There’s no doubt Mr. Mars is a talented singer, and “Gorilla” is probably the best showcase of his vocal ability. The highlight for me is his Michael Jackson-like screams at the end of the bridge. Spot on. In addition, the instrumentation on the track (specifically the chorus) bring  a grandiose and epic mood to the song, which complements Bruno’s  voice perfectly.

Take note: For those that are easily offended, this song ‘s lyrics overtly sexual. Bruno Mars sings about having animalistic intercourse, but I guess it can’t offend you much more than Miley Cyrus slobbing on a sledgehammer.

I dare you to tell me the lights and pyro in that performance weren’t absolutely and ridiculously amazing. Does this performance make the song your favorite by Bruno Mars like it did for me? Not a fan at all? Let me know in the comments, or tweet it at me, @andrewmackens.  I look forward to the conversation.

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