Song Spotlight Wild Card

Wild Card Wednesday: “Domo23” and “Colossus” by Tyler, The Creator

In my anticipation for the KiD CuDi concert tomorrow night at the Alliant Energy Center, I feel compelled to highlight the music I’ll be experiencing live so soon. It really hasn’t hit me yet excitement-wise, but I can’t for the moment it does.

Logic and Tyler, The Creator will be opening for CuDi, and that makes this show ten times better. I’ve been a fan of CuDi since high school, but I just started listening to Tyler at the beginning of Summer, and the fact that I’m already gonna be a part of one of his raucous shows is awesome.  I haven’t listened to Logic yet, but I’m excited to hear the up and coming rapper spit.

Above I’ve shared my favorite banger by Tyler, “Domo23”, and a “Stan”-like fan song “Colossus”, both of which are from his Spring 2013 album Wolf. “Colossus” utilizes a lot of classic sounds that come from Tyler’s jazz influences, and “Domo23” just gets me jacked.

You definitely have to listen to this music with an open mind if you have any chance of getting into it. If you admire the fact he and his hip-hop collective Odd Future don’t give a damn about anyone and just make music for themselves, this will aid in the open-mindedness. Hope you give it a listen!

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