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Wild Card Wednesday: “Chocolate” by The 1975


I finally took the time to listen to the self-titled debut album of English indie band The 1975, and as of now my thoughts are mixed. Recommended to me by fellow WUD Music members, I knew it was a band I wanted to give a chance, and with the serendipitous placement of a Spotify ad for their new album, (damn you, big brother) the pieces just fell in place. Having recorded three EPs in recent years, it’s evident the band has the talent and synergy to create unique music. There’s no doubt (as Ian Cohen of Grantland has already pointed out) they’re extremely catchy. But this is what I have mixed feelings about.


The defining piece of their sound is Matthew Healy’s vocals, and they remind me of a high-pitched, British Patrick Stump (from Fall Out Boy). On one hand, I would worry their sound is somewhat behind its time. Regardless of how catchy it is, it brings mostly  a sense of nostalgia, and you can only throw me back so many times to 2005/2006 before i’m sick of getting thrown there. On the other hand, people LOVE nostalgia. Is it not half the reason we continue to re-watch the original Star Wars trilogy? Maybe that’s a conversation for another time, but back to The 1975. Basically the vocals create a  questionable nostalgia for me, and it will be interesting to see if/how much their popularity expands.

In the meantime, enjoy some “Chocolate”. Tell me what you think of these guys too! I have only heard a small sample of opinions, so feel free to hit me up.

2 replies on “Wild Card Wednesday: “Chocolate” by The 1975”

I really dig The 1975, heard their Eps first and loved Sex. I got an 80s vibe from a few of their tracks, which I found pretty refreshing. I found there to be a very diverse set of sounds spread throughout the album, which really surprised me. One of my favorite recent acts.

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