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Wild Card Wednesday: “Survival” by Eminem Video

I love Call of Duty. Pretty much everyone has either played the game or knows of the series’ massive popularity, so I won’t waste time explaining why it’s great. But what I specifically loved was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and that iteration is closing in on being four years old. Since then, the quality of the CoD series has considerably fallen off in my opinion. And no affiliation with Eminem is going to make me buy your new game, Activision.

“Survival” isn’t an inherently bad song, but it doesn’t stand out for me either. It’s basically “Won’t Back Down” Part II. Hopefully Infinity Ward’s “semi-new game” formula isn’t rubbing off on Eminem’s music.

Seriously though, can we agree that Slim Shady has, at least to a degree, sold the F out? If we look back at Eminem’s musical library, it’s clear that he never wrote songs to please the masses (See “Fack”). But his rhyme scheme and flow are considered nearly unmatched, the DGAF mentality caught on, and now he’s known as one of the greatest rappers of all time. There’s no doubt he’s made enough money from music sales alone, not to mention the $7million he makes for each of the rare concerts he puts on nowadays. So what’s with the advertising deals?

Sure this Brisk commercial is funny, but I bet Em still got paid a nice chunk of change just for his voice talents. Getting Eminem and “Berzerk” on Saturday Night Football couldn’t have been an inexpensive endeavor for ESPN either. But what about the relationship he has with, of all things, Call of Duty?

Putting the two CoD gameplay commercials that use Eminem songs aside, (“Won’t Back Down” for CoD: Black Ops and now “Survival” for CoD: Ghosts) the “Survival” music video is nothing short of ridiculous. Not ridiculous in that the content is graphic like we would expect from Slim, but it’s ridiculous for the fact that CoD is ALL OVER this video. A highlight reel in the background. Graffiti Ghosts logos. Did I see a live German Shepherd in there? If this video isn’t the definition of selling out, we might as well call Miley Cyrus a prudent, wholesome woman.

On top of all this, I don’t think Eminem’s promotions will significantly increase the sales of his upcoming album MMLP2. He’s already at the top. His countless fans will have gotten the album one way or another, regardless of his awkward interview with Bret Musburger or any other promotion he’s done over the past few months. Even if the market research was done and it was found Eminem needed to increase his level of exposure, is it worth compromising his DGAF image?

I’m no Eminem expert, but this is the impression his recent promotions gave me. I’ll leave you with this: Dr. Dre has made more money in putting his name on headphones than he ever made in making music. Sigh.

Comment with your thoughts.

2 replies on “Wild Card Wednesday: “Survival” by Eminem Video”

Oh, also you missed his Cameo in Funny people, but you can’t blame him for making money through advertising, it’s the business.

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