Song Spotlight Wild Card

Wild Card Wednesday: “Confessions Part II Remix” by Usher feat. Shyne, Twista, and Kanye West

You can’t go wrong with some 2000s R&B, especially when it’s from Usher’s Confessions album. The first seven tracks make up one of the best sequence of songs I’ve seen on an album in a while. This is mostly attributed to the amount of singles packed within the beginning of the album, but still.

“Confessions Part II” is one of my favorite tracks, and adding rap verses only makes it better for me and how much I’ve been into hip hop lately. The Shyne verse over a telephone is weird, but Twista’s staccato flow and Kanye’s lyrics about regretful relationships make up for it. Can someone holla WE WANT PRENUP!?

I’m turning into Tom Haverford really quickly, so I’m going to stop here. Tell me what you think of the track, if you mess with R&B, etc. Peace.

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