Song Spotlight Wild Card

Wild Card Wednesday: “Natural Disaster” by Zac Brown Band

Given that I’m wearing flannel today and I vastly undercover country on the blog, I thought I’d give it the spotlight today. You find inspiration in the simplest of places.

I often stick to Tim McGraw’s greatest hits when it comes to country, impressed deep down by being forced to listen to it on adolescent car rides with my mom. Needless to say, I’m glad it happened, because otherwise I would have never learned the lyrics to “Something Like That”, and I would have been ostracized by half of my freshman floormates.

While country fans will be happy I’m showing some appreciation for ZBB, I have to ashamedly admit I discovered this track off a “Hurricane Drunk” playlist. Let’s just say some people weren’t the most sensitive to the people affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Regardless of discovery origins, this is a GREAT song. The opening vocals and organ give it a gospel feel, and after that the thumping bass drum, vocals, and oh-so-subtle string plucking keep up an awesome pace. It’s this upbeat, classic country sound that even keeps me mildly interested in the genre. Good job boys.

If anyone reading this knows of more fast country like this and songs like “I killed Sally’s Lover” by The Avett Brothers, PLEASE put me on to it. I really want to give the music a better chance.

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