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New Music Monday: Blue Chips 2 by Action Bronson

Bronson Suit

Queens rapper Action Bronson released his long-awaited mixtape Blue Chips 2 last Friday. It’s safe to say his fans could not be happier. And they have good reason to. The tape consists of 19 tracks, chock full of classic samples compiled by producer Party Supplies. I can’t get over the awesomeness of Bronson spitting bars over the guitar to “Tequila”, and Party Supplies goes all in on “Contemporary Man”, with samples from Phil Collins, John Mellencamp and more. There’s no doubt these instrumentals put DJ Khaled out of a job.

There’s little in the way of hooks, but that’s how Bam Bam rolls. His songs are short, and he just raps bars on bars on bars. Lines like, “baby curls on my forehead leave your whore dead”, his various food references (taken from his previous occupation as a gourmet chef), and other unexpected metaphors leave you with nothing but smiles.

I’m still getting used to his flow, and lyrics like, “why the f*** would I have a bodyguard, if I look just like the motherf***ing bodyguard?” are less than impressive, but you take the bad with the good. Rest assured, there is more ridiculous goodness than subpar badness.

Considering it’s FREE, you might as well give it a download and listen. Link to DatPiff is right here. Enjoy.

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