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My Top 5 Albums of 2013 – #4: Land of 1000 Chances

Yes sir, I'll have another. The wife was being a real bitch today.
Yes sir, I’ll have another. The wife was being a real bitch today.

What do you think the life of a DJ is like? Sure, successful ones like Avicci and Skrillex can live the same quality of life the biggest pop stars do, but what about the work they put into making an album? From my first thoughts on the concept, there’s certainly a lot of engineering, mixing, and mastering that goes into each song. When it comes to the actual composition though, I’m led to believe making a looping electronic beat is a hell of a lot easier than any rock piece. That’s why we can find so many DJs on Soundcloud and the like with their own twist on hit singles. These remixes screw, chop and slop original work into “new” material in fractions of the time. Granted, there are probably just as many electronic songs built “from the ground up” as there are songs simply remixed.

The problem with the above question is I think people unfamiliar with the various genres of instrumental music can be quick to pile all DJs into one supergenre of “electronic” music. When it comes to classic hip hop DJs, it at least feels like some work was put into this music, and for this reason I place this subgroup in a league of their own.  With DJ Day (or simply Day) and his newest album Land of 1000 Chances, the Palm Springs artist combines influences from both hip hop and jazz to create a smooth album from front-to-back, and it is the rock on which I stand to defend my previous claims.

Jazzy drums, unique percussions, guitars, piano, and sampled vocals are present throughout the album, all in perfect accompaniment. At no point does one sound inappropriately dominate over the other.Like I said when I made “Boots in the Pool” one of my best songs of 2013, this music is the epitome of chill. Its looping nature makes it simple, but the plethora of cool sounds layered on top of each other gives it a satisfying complexity. It’s satisfying in that you can pick out all of the individual sounds with ease, making you feel like a skilled listener and that you’re getting everything out of the music you can. By the same token, listening to this album is not by any means a distracting experience. I require straight instrumentals if I am to listen to music while reading or studying. Despite some of the vocal samples used in this album, I am able to be relaxed by Day’s music and focused on the homework at hand. For a college student sitting on their laptop more often than they probably should be, Land of 1000 Chances provides music that not only sounds great, but is also practical. <<<<<<<<This is why the album has earned its spot on my top 5.

Have any favorite chill music you use when you study? Let me know about it! I could always use more. See you tomorrow for #3.

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