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5 Reasons You Need to See Wild Cub Tonight


A band by the name of Wild Cub is coming to Madison tonight, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t go if your schedule is open. We’ve got five good reasons to convince you to go:

1. Their music is actually good – While the band is most easily described as an indie pop quintet, they are fronted by musical maestro Keegan DeWitt, a man who gave up his job to focus on music, and has composed a variety of film scores since. Given his acumen for sound, you can guarantee the arrangements in Wild Cub’s songs will be intriguing and complex, even if you haven’t heard them yet. Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself.

2. Percussion, percussion, and more percussion – Just from snippets I’ve seen of their live performances, I know I am most excited to see three of the band’s five members banging on drums in perfect synchronization. Adding this type of performance into a set has worked extremely well for Imagine Dragons and their now routine drum outro for “Radioactive”, so a reworking of that concept should be equally enticing for any fan of drums.

Wild Cub Live on Conan

3. They’re picking up steam – Wild Cub has been doing everything right to get to the point they are at right now as a band. Back in Spring of 2013, they played a Sonicbids showcase at South by Southwest, they’ve played their single “Thunder Clatter” on both Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and Conan, and they’re hitting up a good handful of music festivals on their summer tour, including Summerfest, the main stage of Bunbury, and Osheaga. You don’t want to miss this act before they hit it big.

4. It’s at the Terrace – The Memorial Union Terrace is one of the hottest spots in Madison this time of year, so there’s no doubt making it out to the Mendota shore is somewhere on your summer bucket list. The beer is a little pricier than you may prefer, but it’s worth it when you’re chilling with friends in the iconic sunburst Terrace chairs, watching the sunset in the horizon, all the while seeing some great live music to complete the mood.

5. It’s free! – Who doesn’t like free stuff? The show is presented by WUD Music, the Union’s student-run committee that books nearly all of the shows at the Union venues with a goal of providing free on-campus entertainment. Come on down and enjoy the show, no tickets necessary.

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