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Concert Recap: Lollapalooza 2014, Day 3

I’m actually in the above video, so there’s my five seconds of Lolla fame. Despite it raining on and off throughout Sunday’s performances, it was worth every minute to be in the crowd, soaking wet like everyone else, and to simply not give a damn. I stayed at the Samsung Galaxy Stage all day, and was able to enjoy prime real estate as Jhene Aiko, White Denim, Cage the Elephant, The Avett Brothers, and Kings of Leon each performed sets that ranged from solid and fun to flat out amazing. Jhene performed with a full band and had an infectious stage presence, White Denim & Avett Brothers each showed off their instrumental prowess, Kings of Leon had all the production you would expect from a band of their popularity level, and I can now check off Cage the Elephant from my concert bucket list.

Cage the Elephant’s set was pretty much everything I imagined and more. I would have preferred a few more songs from their first two albums, but each jam they brought out was still great. The best part of their set was frontman Matthew Schultz going crazy like a true rockstar. Getting in the crowd, writhing in the mud in his white pants, and performing his heart out all reminded me of Iggy Pop and his famous 1970 performance with The Stooges in Cincinnati.

Iggy Pop, Cincinnati 1970
Iggy Pop, Cincinnati 1970
Matthew Schultz, Lollapalooza 2014
Matthew Schultz, Lollapalooza 2014

You can see the full Cage the Elephant set below, but most likely not for long due to copyright issues.

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