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EP Review: Wino Rider


Released August 4th, the three track EP Wino Rider comes from L.A. husband-wife duo Danjasop, an act emerging from a dance music scene that’s been spearheaded by Mad Decent and is influenced by heavy bass. The EP is part one of a two part series, the second part being a project that should be released in late 2014.

I am not well versed in the various subgenres of electronic music, and I do not normally dig deep into this genre either. But that’s where you, the readers, can participate in this conversation.

Here’s my opinion: their vocalist is a nice touch to compliment all the different synth sounds going off, and the more I’m listening to certain parts of the songs, the more I’m liking them. On the contrary, I can’t help but feel the tracks are a little sporadic, and I’m not sure whether the sounds I’m hearing are still modern or a little dated. I’m not exactly hearing much volume in the bass either. What do you EDM-heads think? Listen to the EP below, and let me know your opinion in the comments or on Twitter @AndrewMackens.

This one wouldn’t embed so you can head to Soundcloud to listen to it.

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