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Top 5 Tuesday: Video Game Songs


Video games have been established for years as a medium capable of being considered an art form. Much like films, they can give a lot of credit to their soundtracks for adding emotion to what you experience apart from the visuals, dialogue, and sound effects. While some of the most critically acclaimed games are sure to have soundtracks that are on point, my favorite video games range from obviously popular to partially obscure. Here are my top 5 in no particular order.

1. “Dogs of War” from Medal of Honor: European Assault (PS2) – This is about as epic as a war piece can get. The swelling horns set the perfect mood for a WWII game, and it gave you a lot more inspiration to take down Nazis before entering the campaign.

2. “The Legend of Zelda Theme” from Super Smash Bros. (N64) – A little cleaner than earlier iterations, I chose this version of Legend of Zelda theme music because one of my few experiences with Link had come from this game franchise. You can watch my favorite Smash Bros. character ball up in this clip too.

3. “Finish the Fight” from Halo 3 (X360) – While I couldn’t find the unforgettable choir along with the orchestral arrangement I was looking for, the above track should give this and every other Halo composition the recognition it deserves. This is near the epitome of what climax in a video game can sound like.

4. “Lance/Red Battle Theme” from PokeMon Gold and Silver (GBC) – “8-bit” keys like no other. Most music on PokeMon is great, but when you finally enter the battles with this music, it actually gets you jacked for battle. This music is only used for when trainers battle Lance and Red, so you know it’s god-level Poke-music.

5. “Slash Guitar Battle” from Guitar Hero 3 (PS2) –  Written specifically for this game, this is just solid, classic shredding. In fact, this song probably wasn’t even a song that was written, but that Slash just came into the studio and pulled out of his top hat. Again, god-status. This song was also fun as hell to play back in the day.

There you have it. I obviously missed so many songs by only picking five, but maybe these really are the best. Let me know what your favorite video game songs are in the comments or on Twitter @AndrewMackens, or forever hold your peace.

3 replies on “Top 5 Tuesday: Video Game Songs”

Perturber is great. Especially after watching the game trailer, it made me think of Drive right away. Granted, this soundtrack seems a lot more upbeat. This music also made me think of The Impossible Game’s first track, which as far as I know has nice pacing along with the gameplay, provided you don’t die.

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