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Top 5 Tuesday: The Best Stadium Songs


While we’ve already experienced one disappointing week of college football (at least from a Badger’s standpoint), we can turn our sights on an easier schedule moving forward. Even better, the NFL regular season is right around the corner. To celebrate this, I bring you my favorite stadium songs. These are not all songs that I necessarily think have the best stadium vibes, but songs that I think are great even outside of the stadium setting.

5. “Get Ready For This” by 2 Unlimited – This one may be cemented as my favorite pump up basketball song of all time due to my exposure to it at a young age via Space Jam and All Star Jock Jams, but those influences don’t make the song any less great. The synths may be simple, but I find it to be the perfect background music to shoot around and warm up to for a game of hoops.

4. “Song 2” by Blur – I tried to keep my Wisconsin bias out of this, but many of the favorite songs heard at Camp Randall are also classic stadium songs around the country. Blur’s “Song 2” is no exception. The guitars that kick in on Damon Albarn’s joyful “woo hoo!” and the fuzz said guitars bring to the track bring an extra energy to the stadium’s fans, especially when the song is played after a turnover like it is in Badger territory.

3. “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes – This is the song that actually made me want to create this list. I’ve never listened to Jack White’s music that extensively, but a thumping bass drum and a raw guitar lead in this song make for something all fans of rock can enjoy (and yell, “OOOOOOOOOOO” in chorus).

2. “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC – The building guitar intro to this classic rock track is probably one of the best rock intros of all time, making it perfect material for pumping up any sports team. Between this and the ominous “Hells Bells”, the Australian band is an automatic inclusion.

1. “Welcome to the Jungle”  by Guns ‘n’ Roses – Another song that has been deemed timeless in the annals of rock, “Welcome to the Jungle” comes out as my top song that is played consistently in stadiums. With the American sport of football on the brain, I had to feature an American rock band for the best stadium song, and no song fits the bill better. If this song doesn’t get you thinking about sports or pump you up in some way, there may be something wrong with you, or you just don’t watch football, in which case there may be something wrong with you.

All teasing aside, most ALL songs played in stadiums are classics/widely popular and all have their own place. I just went with some of my personal favorites.

If you want my Badger-centric stadium playlist, you can check out my Throwback Thursday from about a year ago. You can also yell at me about how I missed Queen and other essential tracks for the game day playlist in the comments. Enjoy the weekend of football!!!

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