A Smorgasbord of Year in Review Stuff for 2014

Charlie Xmas

Season’s greetings, music lovers. It’s been a long while since I’ve posted, but I will be making up for it with a variety of posts in the coming weeks that satisfy all those year-end check boxes. I did a list of things I learned about music last year, and this wild card type of post will cover things I liked about music this year in a similar fashion. Let’s begin, shall we?

My Top 10 Most Played Songs Via Spotify


I’m not sure if Spotify counts full plays only or any time the song starts playing regardless of whether I skipped it, but nonetheless these songs all deserve recognition.

The Top 3 Live Shows I Saw in 2014

– Earl Sweatshirt at Pitchfork Fest
– Cage the Elephant at Lollapalooza
– Revelry 2014 at UW-Madison

The Best Sample of 2014 – “Bussin'” by Sir Michael Rocks feat. Casey Veggies and IamSu!

Coming from his underrated/undercovered debut Banco, Sir Michael Rocks raps over a Reno-produced beat that samples “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, bringing my childhood memories into some sort of hip hop-related relevance. We love what we’re familiar with, and thus I love this track without question.

The Best Party Song of 2014 – “Get Low” by Dillon Francis and DJ Snake

To explain this like your typical EDM bro: “That drop though.” Seriously though this song is amazing and should be played at every university rager.

The Best/My Favorite Chorus/Hook/Melody of 2014 – “Jackie and Wilson” by Hozier

Been obsessed with this song and sing along to it constantly. It’s just as good as (if not better than) “Take Me to Church”, and although he may not be animated AT ALL while performing, his music is still amazing to listen to and deserves coverage from more alternative music outlets.

The Best Metal Song of 2014 – “Make Way” by Mongol Horde

The best Frank Turner side project that will ever exist, blending the indie folk artist’s hardcore past with his love for history. Slipknot deserves honorable mentions for multiple tracks on .5: The Gray Chapter, but the likability of Turner wins out here.

The Best Kanye Feature of 2014 – “Sanctified” by Rick Ross feat. Big Sean and Kanye West

“And wash my sins in the blood of Jesus/people sayin’ Ye we need another Yeezus” Straight fire.

The Best Soundtrack of 2014 – Primus & The Chocolate Factory With The Fungi Ensemble


Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory strikes again. Only Primus can take a soundtrack, sprinkle it with dew, and put it all together with the creepy finesse they possess. You can watch the film synced up with their take on the soundtrack here, and see for yourself how the experimental band makes the soundtrack fit the occasional darker mood of the film.

The Best Song of 2013 I Didn’t Find Until 2014 – “Dangerous” by Big Data feat. Joywave

The video is half the attraction. Joywave came to Union South back in September, and although they didn’t play “Dangerous” the rest of their set makes me excited for new music.

The Best Album of 2013 I Didn’t Find Until 2014 – Because the Internet by Childish

I first listened to this in late December, and  it wasn’t until January or February that I had finished reading the accompanying script and bought in fully to the story that Donald Glover was telling. Front to back, a definite Top 5 Album of 2013, but maybe my Gambino fandom is clouding my judgement.

So that’s everything for now. Top 5 songs and albums will come after the holiday. If you’re looking for holiday music recommendations, check here. Happy Holidays!

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[…] While the songs I listened to most in 2014 reflect a different scope of music, my top songs of the year were enjoyed in perfect proportion, making each listen a valuable use of my time. They were not often on repeat, but they could have been quite easily. Each song deserves a listen, regardless of your tastes in music. Here we go: […]

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