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Untitled College Playlist, Part 2

So I found another maxed-out mix CD with eerily similar structure to the last mix I wrote about. Figured it best to add these songs to the previous playlist and keep the words to a minimum this time…

1. “Eulogy” – Frank Turner – Play this at my funeral.

2. “Send Me On My Way” – Rusted Root – What I would have listened to high and thought was cool in college, had I even gotten high in college.

3. “The Travelling Song” – The Avett Brothers –  More of the ‘good’ Avett Brothers.

4. “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” – The Smashing Pumpkins – My favorite Smashing Pumpkins song, if not the best.

5. “Aberdeen” – Cage The Elephant – Yeah, Cage rocks. Really like this bass line.

6. “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” – Against Me! – Laura Jane Grace was speaking her truth well before the general population adopted the tagline, “It’s 2016.”

7. “Master of Puppets” – Metallica – Just about in the same spot as what will now be known as “Untitled College Mix, Part 1,” we find another classic from my favorite band of all time. This song needs no explanation for its greatness.

8. “The Art of Shredding” – Pantera – Not many metal bands come to mind when you think of the 90s, but Pantera flew the flag high throughout the decade.

9. “The Devil in I” – Slipknot – This section of the mix is trending much heavier than the last, and I like it. Say what you want about the ‘nu metal’ trend of the early ’00s, Slipknot is as legitimate as any metal band out there.

10. “Four Simple Words” – Frank Turner – We break from the metal for one of the Top 5 songs about dancing.

11. “Roadie” – Tenacious D – I’ve posted about how much I love Tenacious D on Instagram, and this power ballad has to be their best song from this decade.

12. “Brass Monkey” – Beastie Boys – Another great hit by this trio. I loved pumping the bass from this song in my car while driving around my hometown.

13. “Freaks and Geeks” – Childish Gambino – If you love nerdy, clever, verging-on-corny wordplay, you’ll love early Childish as much as I have.

14. “Hold Tight” – Majid Jordan – Yes, you are having deja vu. Apparently I loved this gem so much I had to include it on two separate mixes. Wild move, younger me.

15. “Lucky Strike” – Maroon 5 – Oh boy. This song is catchy but I’m not sure whether it’s objectively ‘good’ pop music.

16. “Gust of Wind” – Pharrell Williams – Including some vocoder vocals from Daft Punk on your own album is a solid flex after contributing to their 2013 comeback album and one of the biggest songs of that year in “Get Lucky”, but not as big of a flex as writing “Happy” (for Despicable Me 2, of all things) and having it become a worldwide phenomenon.

17. “Verbal Gunfight” – Jurassic 5 – This last pack of songs provides a glimpse of the hip hop I was into. Jurassic 5 was one of the more unique selections for my basic taste.

18. “Beast Mode” – B.o.B. – I loved B.o.B. ever since I heard him on a Madden soundtrack. It’s too bad he had to say some problematic stuff and then fall off the face of the Earth 😉

19. “Shut ‘Em Down” – Public Enemy – This was the first ever Public Enemy song I heard, thanks again to that Madden 10 soundtrack. More proof that good things can come from video games!

Hopefully the brevity helped the read. Again, a lot of great songs in here but 19 is just too many for a digestible mix! With these two mixes combined, at least you’ll have enough for a complete road trip if you want it.



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