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Four Things about The Outsider – Episode 3

The Titans and Packers both lost on conference championship weekend, but at least we had a new episode of The Outsider to dive into after the fickle world of sports settled down. Here’s my four things from a bit of a setup episode in the series [SPOILERS AHEAD]:

1. The show’s villain/monster has taken on a new host

While our main protagonist Ralph Anderson is still going through therapy and using his “time off” to dive deeper into the case, we get to see how much more of a disgruntled dick his colleague Jack Hoskins is, and how it leads to his eventual demise. Hoskins was called back in to work during his limited PTO to cover for Tamika Collins and her shattered tibia, which drives him to drink a few too many and act out at the local strip club. He arrives at the new crime scene he was assigned WAY too late into the night, and seemingly gets bit/cut by the same “Entity” that cut Terry Maitland (according to his oldest daughter Maya, Maitland got a cut at the old folks home in Dayton while visiting his father). In short, Hoskins (played by Jason Bateman’s Ozark co-star Marc Menchaca) is fucked.

Holly Gibney

2. We are introduced to a Jenga-piece character performed by a more-than-capable actress

We knew from the trailers a new detective was coming, and in her first appearance in the series she delivers. Holly Gibney (played by 2020 Academy Award nominee Cynthia Erivo for her role as Harriet Tubman in the eponymous film) is a “unique” and eccentric private investigator who we’re told is great at her job. Her encyclopedic memory is bound to come in handy in a later episode, and her openness to consider the unexplainable is key to whether this task force ever solves the case at hand. We already know Hoskins is going to be zero help, so a lot rests on Gibney’s shoulders right now. Her quirks and ticks are acted well by Erivo so far; it will be interesting to see how her character develops through the next few episodes as well, given her childhood background.

3. Kids are always right about the supernatural

Speaking of children, in previous episodes the Maitland’s youngest daughter Jessa was visited by the Entity (super freaky) and of course her mom Glory chalked it up to nightmares. Whether it’s influences from The Exorcist, The Poltergeist, or even Stranger Things, kids are always in the know more than adults about these things. Because things need to get worse before they get better, the adults will definitely not listen to the child’s message, and bad things will continue to happen. At least another murder will leave more clues for our group of detectives?

4. We were gifted another jaw-dropping moment from a seemingly unimportant side-plot

While this episode did feel like a lot more setup than plot progression, the prison side-plot the show kept cutting to pays off by the end. Another man in jail for allegedly murdering children appears to be the Entity’s victim prior to Terry Maitland, a former hospital worker who probably worked at the same old folks home that Maitland visited.

(Side note: For as smart as Holly Gibney is, I hope she also added “Master Googler” to her resume, because she found the relevant connective tissue of this case fairly quickly online.)

Anyway, I thought the former hospital worker was crafting a shiv all episode to defend himself from another convict, and my jaw dropped when he ends up using the shiv to kill himself in the confrontation. It seems whoever the Entity touches, life is not an option afterwards…

These were my quick reactions after the new episode, but I’d love to hear your thoughts/theories on the show (only if you haven’t read the book) as well! You can reach me on Twitter or Instagram at @AndrewMackens. I Look forward to continuing the conversation there!

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