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Four Things about The Outsider – Episode 5

the outsider ep. 5

The Super Bowl caused a bit of a delay in my episode recap for this week, but judging by what went down in this week’s episode (not a ton), I’m sure the few of you reading along won’t be too displeased with my later posting. Let’s jump in and keep it quick.

1. Is the Boogeyman omnipresent?

For the record, we’ve heard enough about what this evil entity could be to change its name from the Entity to the Boogeyman moving forward. We get to see this Boogeyman all over the episode: At Jeannie Anderson’s place of work, in the Anderson home at night, in Jack Hoskins’ head, and lingering wherever other victims are buried. A breeze in multiple scenes seems to indicate the Boogeyman is lingering spiritually in places where their hooded figure may not actually be physically. This explains a bit more about being in two places at once (especially if it’s taking the form of other people), but there’s certainly a lot a mystery around how the Boogeyman travels. Does its presence across multiple locations indicate it should be treated like a contagious virus, or is it a parasite that requires a type of host (besides just a depressing environment) in order to survive? Something tells me we won’t get that level of granularity in our answers moving forward.

2. The transitions between dreams, reality, and flashbacks are very well done

What I thought was unique to Holly Gibney in episode four turned out to be a theme I noticed upon Ralph Anderson’s flashback to how he and Jeannie coped with the death of their son. Before they cut to the flashback itself, the faint ticking of a clock would fade in to signify the reverse passage of time.

The editing and sequencing of events in the series’ pilot added an element of intrigue to what was happening out of order on screen . We see more of this quality work in this episode, with the first images/sounds we hear being three days after the meat of the episode itself. The timing of each tragedy remains to be seen, as well as how important this pattern is and whether our detective heroes can identify the pattern in time.

3. If you’re possessed by the Boogeyman, how do you not get the back of your neck checked out at some point?

Seriously Hoskins, can you not even buy some ointment to ward off these boogey-boils? The thing is already inside your head, I think getting a topical solution to fix that rash is a is an absolute physical necessity.

4. If you’re starting to lose interest, the mid-season trailer should be enough to get you to stick around

If the screengrabbed YouTube version of the mid-season trailer is no longer available above, you can also watch it in the extras section after this episode. Regarding the trailer itself, HBO’s editing team sure knows how to build up the suspense. It shows us a TON of footage alluding to the supernatural aspect of the show, as well as everyone Holly tells about her theory coming to terms with this unrealistic possibility (unsurprising spoiler: Glory is having none of it). It also appears we’re going to see more of characters we assumed were only of minor importance, including the man who was killed at the end of this episode and the strip club owner Claude Bolton (played by Paddy Considine).

Some of the highlighted shots/images from this preview look astoundingly creepy, so I am ready for whatever The Outsider is ready to throw at us. I just hope the pace picks up a bit more moving forward.

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