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Four Things about The Outsider – Episode 7

Another week, another episode, another, “What’s going to happen next?” Which ultimately means that there’s not enough meat in each episode to keep us interested, right? Let’s see if we can glean anything new here…

Outsider Ep7

1. If it wasn’t clear before, Holly Gibney, is, in fact, the smartest person in the series

…or maybe everyone else in this country town is that dumb. With the odds stacked against her, Holly comes up with a valid excuse to stop at a remote gas station, waits for “possessed” Jack Hoskins to come toward the  restroom door, breaks the glass in the back window to draw Jack towards the back of the building, and sprints for the car, getting away unscathed. She fooled a physically imposing man controlled by a powerful, evil spirit by using her wits alone. It’s obvious she’s a cut above the rest, so I’m rooting hard for her 1) not to die, and 2) not to have the glory of solving this case stolen from her by Ralph Anderson or anyone else.

2. I did not think the drawings of the Boogeyman’s transformation had any iteration that looked like Claude Bolton

However, contrary to my observations, super-smart Holly knows the trail leads from Terry Maitland to strip club manager Claude. Claude being the next victim was implied prior, but Holly’s recognition of the mugshot and drawings confirms this. It also opens the door to even more questions that my unobservant self did not pick up, the cheif one being: So Claude was cut by Terry in Episode 1, and by episode 6 when Claude gets in a fight at the club and is cut again, was that actually the disguised Boogeyman passing the ‘curse’ on to another unsuspecting victim? If this theory is true, where has the real Claude been for the last few episodes? Hopefully some of you can help me hash this out…

3. Will Glory’s lawsuit be resolved by the end of the season?

So Glory is suing everyone to gain some financial footholds (rightfully so), and she has been portrayed quite well by Julianne Nicholson, so I think the character and actress both deserve a little extra coin. The issue is I’m not sure much screen time will be dedicated to this sub plot with only three episodes left. This leaves us with either a rushed resolution that doesn’t flesh out the plot line enough, or no resolution at all. Neither of these outcomes are preferred, but it appears that’s the hand we’ve been dealt.

4. This WaPo article hits the nail on the head

Reviewed by Hank Stuever before its release, the TV critic notes accurately that show sits on some forgotten genre-DMZ between crime drama and horror. While there was hope for me early on that the two genres could hybridize and create something unique, I think instead we’re getting two mediocre genre entries at once. Now, with only three episodes remaining in the limited series, we’re compelled to see this through, despite the sunk cost fallacies slipping in. Even if The Outsider doesn’t wrap with a redeeming ending for audiences given its mediocre pacing thus far, at least we know this was just a short pit stop between Watchmen and  Westworld.

If you’re still following along with me, congratulations. You get nothing other than my admiration and respect. I hope we all get a little bit more from The Outsider before the series fades into our subconscious, but at this point, I’m sad to say I’m not holding my breath. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes.

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