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Was it Worth it: Thor & Thor: The Dark World

One of the best things about great movies is their rewatchability. Being able to experience the same entertainment and emotions you felt (excitement, amusement, intrigue, etc.) when you watched that movie the first time is a treat. That familiarity can provide a sense of comfort, something we all need “in these Uncertain Times.” But, movies can also be a time-sink, and even in quarantine you might wonder whether a movie is WORTH the time invested. My goal with this series of posts is to cover movies I’ve recently watched, make note of the best things about them, and let you know whether it’s worth your time.

The Movies: Thor & Thor: The Dark World (2011 & 2013)

Run Time: 1 hour, 54 Minutes & 1 hour, 52 minutes, respectively

Succinct Synopsis: Thor (Chris Hemsworth) loses his power and has to prove himself worthy of the magical hammer Mjolnir (which he does) in the first film, essentially his MCU origin story. In the sequel, he’s tasked with using his power and teaming up with his scheming brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) to save the universe from destruction via the Aether (one of the Infinity Stones).

Cast & Characters: Hemsworth and Hiddleston have embodied their roles across the MCU, leaving a lot of hype in the nerdisphere around Loki’s upcoming Disney+ series and the fourth Thor film, Thor: Love and Thunder. If I remember correctly, there’s a plan for Thor’s love interest Jane Foster to take n the mantle of Thor in the next film, but I’m a tad skeptical the character will become worthy after being a mediocre piece of the first two films and entirely absent from Thor: Ragnorok

Humor: The only funny thing I recall from these movies was how distracting the camera angles were in the first Thor. Seriously, there were more shots on and angle than there were on balance that it distracted me almost entirely from what was going on. Combine this with Thor’s awful makeup in the first film and you have a good amount of ammo to enjoy roasting the film with your friends.

Was it Worth it: NO, these films were not worth it, not even for the twist-like deceptions of Loki or the background we receive on an infinity stone sought out by a Dark Elf villain I couldn’t care less about.

Thor and Thor: The Dark World are both streaming now on Disney+

PS – I have been falling behind on this! Doing my best to get to these over time, but much of my time lately has been focused on Fantasy Football, Pod After Touchdown, and The Undroppables. Tweet me at @AndrewMackens if you want more of these reviews NOW!

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