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My Top Albums of 2014

This year I definitely listened to a lot more (and a wider variety of) music, which led to me not listening to a select few albums nearly as much as I did last year. Consequently, I have a list of my top 10 albums from this year, with only direction for you to listen for yourself. These albums are listed in […]

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My Top 5 Songs of 2013

From radio hits to deep album cuts, I was impressed by a countless amount of songs this year. Granted, I’ve probably listened to more music this year than I ever have too. Having said that, some of these decisions were a lot more difficult than others, but I think I’ve made a list that gives […]


5 Things I Learned About Music in 2013.

As I’ve reflected on my experiences with music albums, radio hits, and live shows throughout this year, I’ve realized I have a lot more things to say about music than I can really say just by sharing my top five albums and songs of the year. While I’m still making a last ditch effort to […]