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Flashback Friday: Straight Outta Compton Retro Review

I wrote a review for UW-Madison’s student-run magazine EMMIE over a year ago, and I unfortunately had to cut most of it down to fit in with the other retro reviews within the feature. Fortunately for me, I kept the original cut of the review, and I’m finally taking the opportunity to share it with you now. Enjoy […]

Miscellaneous Album Reviews Top 5

My Top 5 Albums of 2013 – #3: Old

If you’ve even heard of Danny Brown (pictured  above) there comes a point where you become compelled enough by his image alone to give him a listen. From what I first heard of the Detroit rapper, I discounted him to a degree based on the sheer ridiculousness of his voice. Not to mention all I […]

Song Spotlight Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: “Business” by Eminem

Here’s some good Eminem to fall back on if MMLP2 is as mediocre as I hear it is. I actually haven’t listened to the new album front to back yet, but I can do a song by song review if anyone’s interested. Just let me know. Peace.

Miscellaneous Album Reviews

Song by Song Album Review: Magna Carta Holy Grail

Another delayed review, but in all honesty it took me some time just to listen to this album and even try to get into it. Let’s get right to the songs. 1. Holy Grail –  The first single off the album, appropriately so. Justin’s hook (obligatory trade for “Suit and Tie”, if nothing more) immediately […]