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Concert Recap: WRECKFAST Showcases Student Rappers, CATCH WRECK Collective

As an independent artist, the freedom you can have in how you share your music is unbelieveable, and the more creative you can be with it, the more loyal fans you’ll pull in. Independent music collective CATCH WRECK utilized their independent freedom and promotional creativity last weekend with WRECKFAST, a house party/basement concert featuring an […]

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The Unconventional and NSFWU Photos of Revelry

If you haven’t heard already, Revelry Music and Arts Festival was a major success, with the majority of attendees coming to Langdon Street for rappers G-Eazy and Waka Flocka Flame, as well as DJ Dillon Francis. Here are a few of my thoughts about what I heard music-wise throughout the day: – The local rappers that performed on […]