What Your Summer 2014 Song Says About You

It started to get sticky in the apartment yesterday, so I figured we were close enough to the summer to know what songs will remain at the top of the Top 40 this season, and that I could profile everyone’s musical taste¬†based on which of the songs¬†below you like most. As a disclaimer, please understand […]

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My Top 5 Songs of 2013

From radio hits to deep album cuts, I was impressed by a countless amount of songs this year. Granted, I’ve probably listened to more music this year than I ever have too. Having said that, some of these decisions were a lot more difficult than others, but I think I’ve made a list that gives […]

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Song by Song Album Review: Yeezus

Brought to you by popular demand (a.k.a one person put in a request), I present my song-by-song review of Kanye West’s most recent album release, Yeezus. The title rivals the name of his newborn child (North West) in dickiness, but at this point I don’t expect anything less from Kanye. He has channeled his ego […]