Music Library

Mackens’ Music Library: The Greatest Hits

While building up my CD collection throughout middle school and high school, many classic artists entered the library by way of a compilation albums of their most popular songs, colloquially known as ‘Greatest Hits’ albums. This was often less expensive than buying individual songs on iTunes at $0.99 – $1.29 a pop, and it was […]

Concert Recaps

Concert Recap: Summerfest 2013, Part 2

Going to cram days 2-4 of my Summerfest experience into this one post. Leggo. Day 2: Bought a keg for pregaming, so that was interesting. When we got to the grounds, we immediately went to the stage where alternative band Cake was playing, and saw rap-rock/alternative rap group Aer (pronounced air) perform. The Boston-based group […]