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Top 5 Tuesday: Video Game Songs

Video games have been established for years as a medium capable of being considered an art form. Much like films, they can give a lot of credit to their soundtracks for adding emotion to what you experience apart from the visuals, dialogue, and sound effects. While some of the most critically acclaimed games are sure […]

Song Spotlight Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr.

This classic “Halloween” song was actually released in May of 1984 before the film of the same title, but it’s ghost-related, so you know the masses will morph it into anything they please. If there’s any Halloween-related song you have to listen to this week, it’s this rap remix utilizing the Ghostbusters theme. It will […]

Miscellaneous Album Reviews

Album Review: Man of Steel Soundtrack

Through all of the craziness that was my birthday weekend, I actually did have a lot of downtime, and I spent some of it just lying down and listening to my man Hans Zimmer’s latest work, the orchestral score for the new film Man of Steel. Zimmer’s work ranges from Inception to The Simpson’s Movie, […]